Sunday Summer Brunch Menu

Sunday Summer Brunch

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Dine-In only

Brioche Parker House Rolls // 8   V

miso-maple butter

Warm Banana-Nut Bread // 14   V  

caramel banana, malted streusel, barrel aged maple

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie // 20   V

sunny side local egg, sundried tomato aioli, sweet herbs

**Furikake Donut // 17

burnt honey cured Japanese yellowtail, salted caramel, jicama namasu, nori

Green Curry Caesar // 22   GF

puffed rice, petite romaine, toasted young coconut, anchovy XO, Rockhill montasio cheese, Thai basil

**Crispy Brussel Sprouts // 16   GF   V

tarragon, aged parmesan, apple cider vinegar reduction, almonds

Three Cheese Fondue Served With House Bread // 27   V

**Slow Cooked Wagyu Coulotte // 54

heirloom grits, nuoc cham plum, asparagus, black vinegar jus, allium crunch, caramel onion

**Vodka Battered California Rockfish Sandwich // 28  

fish sauce cucumber, ramp tartar sauce, raw sweet onion, American cheese, arugula, caramelized egg yolk bun, sweet & sour russet potato chips

Ballard Farms Heritage Hog Belly & Corn Cake Benedict // 25

spruce tip maple, salted butter, spruce tip-chili crunch, poached local eggs, hollandaise, Tobasco scented strawberry

Crispy Smashed Yukon Gold Potato // 10   GF   V

spiced yogurt, butter fried peanut, chives

Grilled House Cured Duroc Pork Lomo // 20   GF

melted fennel sauce gribiche, fronds

Sunny Side Local Eggs // 12   GF   V  

flake salt, spring onion olio

Franck’s Breakfast // 32   GF

grilled house cured Duroc pork lomo, crispy smashed Yukon gold potato, sunny side local eggs, malted fennel sauce gribiche, caramel onion

“Pina Colada” // 14   V

coconut cake, mirin cheesecake, caramelized pineapple, miso pot de crème, rum caramel, young coconut, lime simple

Cereal Milk Gelato // 10   V  

crystalized corn flake, sea salt-blueberry jam

Chef Rob’s Brunch Tasting Menu // 60  


thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness.

        ** — Peanut oil is used in frying all or some part V — Vegetarian GF — Gluten Free