Meet the Chef

Renowned Chef Perkins, a distinguished culinary genius with over 17 years of unwavering dedication at Utah’s true hidden gem, Franck’s, exudes a humble and approachable demeanor when queried about his nightly culinary creations. His exceptional culinary skills began at the esteemed Western Culinary Institute, though he credits his parents for shaping his culinary influences equally.

Chef Perkins’ menu boasts a profound depth of flavors that transcends the ordinary palate, reflecting his exceptional creative prowess in the culinary arts. With no preconceived recipes in his arsenal, each day at Franck’s is a new and exciting culinary adventure as he adapts his world-influenced fare to the freshest ingredients available to the mood of the restaurant each night.

As a devoted father, Chef Perkins finds solace in cooking for his beloved daughter. However, his true culinary genius shines bright in the culinary realm at Franck’s. He is renowned for his delectable soups, unique fried chicken and one-of-a-kind meatloaf, a menu staple born from a serendipitous kitchen mishap.

“My menu is a well-traveled, world-influenced fare I like to call my menu Soulfood”

Chef Perkins’ unique talent for blending flavors and creating sublime culinary combinations has earned him a place among the elite culinary masters. His exceptional prowess in the kitchen keeps him continuously engaged, satisfying the cravings of eager food connoisseurs who seek an unparalleled dining experience.