Our Story

In the spring of 2006, Tuscany owners renovated a small brick house on the property, formerly Edythe Smith’s home, transforming it into “Franck’s House,” an intimate, single dining room restaurant tucked away in the trees of Holladay. French at heart, with a contemporary and original twist, the cuisine is guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate. With both Tuscany and Franck’s House providing unique and separate dining experiences in Knudsen’s Grove, this location is a hidden gem for lovers of fine dining.

Executive Chef Perkins, currently in his 14th year at Franck’s, is approachable and humble when asked about what he does every night. He is a graduate from the Western Culinary Institute but insists he is influenced as much by his parents as he was his education. His menu is deep, filled with flavors that surpass the normal palate and reach into a creative culinary genius. Chef has NO recipes in the restaurant, so he approaches each day differently. “My menu is a well-traveled, world-influenced fare I like to call my menu Soulfood” and that soulfood requires a new approach based on the fresh ingredients available that day or by the mood in the restaurant. Chef Robert is known for his flavor-filled soups and meatloaf that has become a menu favorite. Meatloaf that was an accident turned menu staple, Chef explains that what you thought you knew about meatloaf will be forgotten after you taste his. His unique talent for creating Flavor Combinations has kept him busy in the kitchen and kept eager connoisseurs of exquisite dining experiences coming back for more.

Every night brings a dining experience that your taste buds will dance for even the most educated of palates. The Menu is presented with an approachable selection of flavors that bring depth and complexity to your dining experience.