Today’s Dinner Menu

Available Tuesday-Saturday

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Dine-In only


Warm House Brioche Rolls – Two // 6 // Four // 9 V
Pho butter, herb salt

Beets a l’ Orange // 15 V
Sourdough cracker, goat cheese, orange-jalapeno vinaigrette, orange, pepitas, pickled jalapeno, red onion, arugula, mint

**Crispy Brussel Sprouts // 16 GF V
Tarragon, 12-month aged parmesan, apple cider vinegar reduction, almonds

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie // 17 V
Sundried tomato aioli, red onion, sweet herbs, caramelized parmesan

Three Cheese Fondue // 27 V
Gruyere, dry aged Fontina, Swiss, Kirsch liquor served with house bread


Pho-umpkin Emulsion // 10   GF   V

Seeds, coriander cream, extra virgin Thai basil oil

Artisanal Iceberg Salad // 12   V   

Focaccia croutons, tomato XO, red onion, feta, rosemary-baslamic dressing


**Franck’s Meatloaf // 36

Squash, whipped potatoes, blueberry-lavender sauce, confit blueberries, crispy onions

Miso Scorched Bakkafrost Salmon // 42

Stewed garbanzo beans, malted pine beurre blanc, ale pickled prawns, malted & salted garbanzo beans, pine charcoal

**Southern Fried Mary’s Chicken Thighs // 29

Herb-brown butter poached potatoes, celery chowchow, plum-whiskey hot sauce, raw shallot, sea salt “cracker jack’s,” sweet & sour prunes, Mandi”s basil

**Roasted Ranger Valley Wagyu Coulotte // 56

White chocolate pomme puree, heirloom carrot, wasabi, sesame spinach, nuoc cham persimmon, onion arare, Utah pea tendrils 

Glazed Kurobuta Pork Loin // 40

Ramen cacio e pepe, chili charred shallot, pickled carrot,160 degree egg, shaved jalapeno, sweet herbs, lime, smoked cotton candy dashi

**Crispy Braised Prime Beef Short Rib // 44  

Beet hummus, chilled barley-almond salad, honey-horseradish yogurt, sweet & sour beet, grape-oregano vinaigrette, crispy beet, marigold


**House Made Donut // 12
Chocolate, vanilla bean, sage

Miso Pot de Crème // 12
Malt, chocolate, miso, corn flakes

Cider Cake // 14
Pear, goat cheese, white chocolate shell

Angie’s Ice Cream // 9
Flavor changes often

thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness. 

**Peanut oil is used in frying all or some part.