6263 S. Holladay Blvd Holladay, UT 84121
Contact us: 801.274.6264

6263 S. Holladay Blvd. Holladay, Utah 84121 801.274.6264

Franck's 2-GO Menus

This week’s Lunch Menu- available between 11:30am-2:00pm

Call 801-274-6264 to order

Wagyu Sirloin Burger// 17

American Cheese/ Burgundy Onion Jam/ House Pickles/ Raw Onion/ Arugula/ French Mustard Aioli/ Caramelized Brioche Bun/ Sea Salt House Chips

**Nashville “Kinda Hot” Fried Chicken Sandwich// 15

Pickles/ Chile Infused Local Honey/ Shaved Iceberg/Raw Onion/ Lime Mayo/ Caramelized Brioche Bun/ Sea Salt House Chips

Beet’s a Lorange // 18

75 minute Slow Cooked Nordic Blu Salmon/ Sourdough Cracker/ Goat Cheese/ Orange-Jalapeno Dressing/ Orange Segments/ Pepitas/ Pickled Jalapenos/ Mint/ Arugula/ Red Onion

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie // 14

Cilantro Aioli/ Arugula-Red Onion Salad

Roasted Pork Loin // 12

Bacon Fat Fingerling Potatoes/ Wilted Thai Spinach/Apple Cider Butter/ Apple Slaw

Thinking of Dessert?

Freshly Fried Yeast Donuts // 6

Flavors of S’mores

This week’s Dinner Menu-  available between 5:00pm-8:00pm

Call 801-274-6264 to order


Beets a l’ Orange // 14

Sour dough cracker/ goat cheese/ orange-jalapeno vinaigrette/ orange segments/ pepitas/ red onion/ arugula/ mint

**Crispy Brussel Sprouts // 14

Tarragon/ 12-month aged parmesan/ apple cider vinegar reduction/ almonds

Tuscany’s House Baked Artisan loaf // 5

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie // 14


Spicy Curry Coconut Emulsion // 7

Toasted young coconut/ lime crème fraiche/ cilantro

Artisanal Iceberg Salad // 7

Grilled endive & grape gremolata/ parmesan cheese/ walnuts/ tarragon & mustard dressing


75-min Slow Cooked Nordic Blu Salmon // 35

Pine nut-ginger relish/ mirin braised & pickled daikon radish/ gruyere grits/ ginger-mirin & butter emulsion

Butter Roasted Barramundi // 31

Hazelnuts/ Parmesan-lemon risotto/ pickled bacon/ shrimp ceviche/ aerated lemongrass/ “squid ink balsamic”

**Roasted Wagyu Manhattan // 45

White chocolate pomme puree/ confit zucchini/ wasabi/ onion arare/ ember roasted  carrot/ fermented winter strawberry

**Franck’s Meatloaf // 28

Squash/ whipped potatoes/ wild blueberries/ lavender & blueberry sauce/ crispy onions

**Mary’s Nashville “Kinda Hot”  Fried Chicken // 28

Kimchi potato salad/ chili infused local honey/ sweet & sour boiled peanuts/ Alabama white BBQ sauce/ cilantro

**Dry Rubbed  Local Lamb Shank // 35

Pickled orange/ crispy potato/ smashed garlic & herb Yukon’s/ umami citrus sauce/ herbs

Roasted Kurabuto pork loin // 32

Bacon fat roasted fingerlings/ charred Belgium endive/ Thai spinach/ apple cider butter/ apple slaw/ cilantro

Family Style Meals for 2-4 people

Fried Chicken Dinner // 52

Meatloaf Dinner // 52

Barramundi Dinner // 60

Freshly fried yeasted S’more’s donut  // 8

Family Style Meals for 4 –6

Meatloaf Dinner // 96

Barramundi Dinner // 116

Freshly fried yeasted S’more’s donut  // 12