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Franck's Dinner Menu

This week’s Dinner Menu

Available Tuesday-Saturday 5-8:45 PM

Call 801-274-6264 to check for to go order availability or to make a reservation


Beets a l’ Orange // 14

Sour Dough Cracker/ Goat Cheese/ Orange-Jalapeno Vinaigrette/ Orange Segments/ Pepitas/ Red Onion/ Frisée/ Mint

**Crispy Brussel Sprouts // 14

Tarragon/ 12-Month Aged Parmesan/Apple Cider Vinegar Reduction/ Almonds

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie // 14

Toasted Parmesan Sabayon/ Cilantro Aioli/ Aromatic Herbs (15-18min cook time)


**Lavender, Rosemary, & Brown Butter Emulsion // 8

Spring Onion Crème Fraiche/ Candied Rosemary/ Fried Chickpea

Artisanal Iceberg Salad // 8

Baby Iceberg Wedge/ Fennel, Grape, & Roasted Cauliflower Gremolata/ Feta/ Candied Walnuts/ Lemon-Mint Vinaigrette


**Confit Kurobuta Pork Loin // 35

Zucchini Namasu/ Tuna Tartare Fried Basmati Rice/ Sesame Pineapple/ Puffed Rice Cracker/ Nasturtium/ Ginger-Mirin Sauce

Butter Baster Nordic Blu Salmon // 35

Blistered Cherry Tomatoes/ Sundried Tomato-Lemon Beurre Blanc/ Herb Roasted Red Potatoes/ Toasted Pine Nuts/ Aerated Peppercorn/ Alliums

**Franck’s Meatloaf // 28

Squash/ Whipped Potatoes/ Wild Blueberries/ Lavender & Blueberry Sauce/ Crispy Onions

**Mary’s Nashville “Kinda Hot” Fried Chicken // 28

Kimchi Potato Salad/ Chili Infused Local Honey/ Sweet & Sour Boiled peanuts/ Alabama white BBQ sauce/ Cilantro

**Dry Rubbed  Local Lamb Shank // 35

Pickled Orange/ Crispy Potato/ Roasted Corn-Gruyere Grits/ Smoked Orange-Rosemary Sauce/ Herbs

**Soy Glazed 44 Farms Beef N.Y. // 41

White Chocolate Pomme Puree/ Braised Carrot/ Hot Peanut Crumble/ Confit Utah Zucchini/ Gochujang Strawberry/ Herb Salad

**Cherrywood Smoked Niman Ranch Pork Shoulder // 27

Slow Cooked White Eggplant/ Rice Dumpling Cacio e Pepe/ BBQ Utah Cherries/ Squash Blossom-Sweet Pea Relish/ BBQ Almonds/ Sweet Pea Tendrils


Signature Carrot Cake // 10

Layered with Goat Cream Cheese Frosting/ Goat Cheese Caramel/ Blackberries/ Blackberry Yogurt/ Walnuts/ Enrobed in a White & Dark Chocolate Marbled Shell

**Freshly Fried House Made Donuts // 10

Honey Glazed Donut/ Apricot-Orange Compote/ Blackberry-Thyme Buttercream/ Blackberries/ Pine Nuts

Strawberry Pot de Crème // 10

Vanilla Bean Tapioca// Vanilla Vinegar/ Malted Almonds/ Strawberry Cake/ Ginger Macerated Strawberries/ Miso Pot de Crème/ Crystalized Corn Flakes/ Ginger Chantilly

House Made Panna Cotta // 10

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Panna Cotta/ Peanut Butter Buttercream/ Candied Peanuts/ Peanut Butter Caramel/ Chocolate Cake

**Peanut Oil is Used in All or Some Part