Dinner Menu

This Week’s Dinner Menu

Available Tuesday-Saturday

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Beets a l’ Orange // 14

Sourdough cracker, goat cheese, orange-jalapeno vinaigrette, orange, pepitas, red onion, arugula, mint

**Crispy Brussel Sprouts // 14

Tarragon, 12-month aged parmesan, apple cider vinegar reduction, almonds

Three Cheese Fondue – Single // 19 // Double // 25

Gruyere, Emmental, Swiss, Kirsch liquor served with house bread

Preserved Heirloom Tomato Pie (15-18 min cook time) // 15  

Parsley-green onion aioli, sweet herbs   

Brioche Parker House Rolls // 8 

Caramel-miso butter     

Seared Bacon Pate// 12

​brioche “Texas toast”, strawberry- balsamic jam, smoked aioli, frisée

Scallop Kinilaw // 14

Sesame cracker bread, pickled jalapeño, cilantro


Banana, Chinese Five Spice & Gochujang Emulsion  // 9

Pumpkin seeds, chive crème fraiche

Artisanal Iceberg Salad // 9

apple & prosciutto gremolada , pistachio, red onion, dill garlic dressing


**Pan Seared Pacific Cod // 36

passionfruit sauce Meunière, macerated Vidalia onion, sunchoke textures, ruby grapefruit 

**Local Crispy Braised Lamb Shank // 38       

Garlic & herb basmati rice risotto, salt & pepper fennel, sweet & sour date, umami almonds, Maitake mushrooms, burgundy-date sauce

**Franck’s Meatloaf // 29

zucchini , whipped potato, blueberry-lavender sauce, confit blueberries, crispy onions

Tamari Glazed Kurobuta Pork New York // 36

Ramen cacio e pepe, chili charred shallot, pickled carrot, fried garlic, 160 degree egg, shaved jalapeño, sweet herbs, lime, smoked cotton candy dashi

**Mary’s Nashville “Kinda Hot”  Fried Chicken // 29

Kimchi potato salad, chili infused local honey, sweet & sour boiled peanuts, Alabama white BBQ, cilantro

Ranger Valley 7+ Wagyu Coulotte// 48 (Vegetarian Option Available // 30)

White chocolate Pomme puree, braised heirloom carrot, wasabi, onion Arare, pickled lychee, wasabi peas, spring pea, confit zucchini, tendrils

Duck & Chicken Tikka//27

house made pasta sheet, tandoori chicken, crispy chickpea, mint chutney, yogurt, cilantro   

Umami Prime Beef Tenderloin// 42

Smashed sweet potato, brown butter braised shiitake mushroom, pickled pink plum, crispy potato, sauce au Poivre, pepper cress


Daily House Made Donut // 11

Changes Daily

Tropical Miso Pot de Crème // 11

Guava Tapioca, Passion Fruit Cake, Caramelized Sour Pineapple, Mango, Coconut cornflakes, Miso Cream

Carrot Cake // 11

Layered with Goat Cream Cheese Frosting, Goat Cheese Caramel, Blackberries, Blackberry Yogurt, Walnuts, Wrapped in a White & Dark Chocolate Shell

Salted Milk Chocolate Pie // 11

Rosemary Sheep Milk Gelato, Cherry Jam, Cotton Candy, burnt honey buttercream, candied hazelnuts & rosemary

thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness. 

**Peanut oil is used in frying all or some part.

Franck’s To Go Menu

Refer to regular menu above.

*Fondue is not available to go*