How We at Franck’s are Navigating the Coronavirus

Being able to serve and interact with our guests and witness their reaction to our food is what propels us here at Franck’s. It is so rewarding to see customers’ love and admiration for what our talented Chef Perkins and his team cooks up!

Unfortunately, we had to shut our doors to the public due to the Corona Virus. And while we 100% support any actions that ensure the safety of our loyal guests and our talented staff, it was undoubtedly a sad day.

But we are not alone. Many restaurants and businesses are going through the same struggles. Fortunately, we are still open and operating! Although takeout is not our norm, we are motivated to keep things running and shift gears in order to be able to continue to do what we do best – serve delicious and inspiring food!

Switching over to takeout only will not come without its’ hiccups, but we look forward to serving our guests in a new and creative way temporarily, in addition to getting through this together!

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